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We are a team of insanely ambitious makers, engineers, operators, and general troublemakers. Our mission is to make it dead-simple to build and deploy an internet connected product using cellular technology.

Since our founding a little over two years ago we've rolled our own cellular network which supports tens of thousands of devices and sold thousands of our cellular development kits (The Hologram Dash - click to watch the video).

We are venture backed and growing fast to support our expanding base of customers, both big and small.

We run a global operation and will hire talented people anywhere, but our headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois - Hog Butcher for the World; City of the Big Shoulders.

We offer competitive compensation in both cash and equity as well as health benefits, 401k, flexible working arrangements, unlimited vacation, and all the gear you could need to build amazing new technology.

Why cellular?
When you think of the Internet of Things you probably think of connected home products like smart thermostats or refrigerators, etc. But in reality this is only a fraction of the "smart" products that are coming online. By 2020 there will be upwards of 30 billion connected products and it is estimated that over 75% of them will be outside the home and rely on some form of remote connectivity.

The majority will use cellular.

Many of these devices, like ATMs and connected cars, are already around us. They are changing the way we interact with the world, and driving transformative efficiencies in nearly every industry from agriculture to retail.

At Hologram we are building the technology necessary to connect these billions of new devices. In doing so, we hope to enable a new generation of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to bring connected products to market faster and ultimately make the world a smarter place.
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