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holacode is an immersive 5-month software engineering bootcamp focused in providing access to high demand jobs for underserved youth. For its pilot, it will focus on serving a highly vulnerable community of young women and men returning voluntarily/involuntarily from the US to Mexico. At holacode we believe that young people have the right to meaningful education, decent work, gender equality and income security. However, since 2005 around 500,000 young people between the ages of 18-35 have returned to Mexico from the United States. For many, it is the first time coming back to Mexico sine they were just children. It is estimated that around 75% of them are unable to find formal employment. The premise for the next 4 years: + deportations. Take into account that many arrive without support networks and no recognition of prior studies. Furthermore, those who are able to find jobs, are exposed to different forms of abuse, lack of social or income security and unsafe working conditions at alarming rates. In addition, they will join the 1.2 million young women and men in Mexico who face a job search every year. At the same time, the tech and software development sectors in Mexico are experiencing growth at an unprecedented pace. Currently, the demand of human capital in the sector has grown above the national supply. To tap into the high paced tech sector’s demand for software engineers, we paired up with the best coding bootcamp in the United States to provide the best career-led curriculum. We have designed an immersive people-centred programme, in which we provide technical and soft skills for life. We support students’ path so they can access employment with career-growth opportunities, secure income, social benefits and gender equality in the tech sector. We believe that through dignified employment, young women and men can hack a better future for themselves and their families.
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Operations Associate

Posted 2 months ago

Entry- Mid Level

Become part of one of our best partners and support Holacode identifying opportunity areas.

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Follow up in operation tasks.