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Build smarter maps. Maps that see change. Maps that understand

Web Graphics Engineer

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Hivemapper builds living, evolving 3d maps of the world. This is an opportunity to work on a complex 3D application that stretches the capabilities of modern web browsers. Our web-based 3D map shows maps generated by our computer vision pipelines alongside terrain maps, LiDAR, OpenStreetMap, and videos. This role is one of the primary contributors to that map interface. This role exists in both standard and senior levels.

This role will involve improving our web application’s 3D interface and implementing new capabilities. A solid understanding of 3D graphics is needed to work in this space. The work involves bringing together different data sets in a myriad of different coordinate systems, including our own point cloud and mesh data, and allowing the user to interact with and explore and interact with the data in useful ways. The application is completely web-based, which brings a unique set of challenges and constraints.

Required Skills:
- 1+ years of 3D graphics development. 3+ years experience for the senior level.
- Solid grasp of 3D mathematics and basic linear algebra
- Experience with OpenGL/WebGL, preferably in a production environment
- Basic understanding of graphics pipelines including writing vertex and fragment shaders in GLSL, z-buffers, etc.
- Demonstrated ability to implement a 3D graphics application
- Senior candidates should have one or more of the following:
- Experience with advanced graphics pipelines
- Computational geometry (ie you are familiar with collision detection, C-space objects, support mappings, voronoi diagrams, algorithms like sweep and prune, GJK, etc)
- Deep WebGL experience including knowledge of browser-specific quirks, WebGL extensions, driver bugs, etc.
-Understanding of numerical precision issues and practical strategies to address them
- Web development experience

Bonus Skills:
- Modern front end web development experience
- Familiarity with the Google S2 library
- Familiarity with Three.js (front end graphics library)
- Backend or full stack web development experience
- 3D game development experience
- Experience implementing a GIS or virtual globe

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Build smarter maps. Maps that see change. Maps that understand

Hivemapper focuses on Maps, Software, Computer Vision, and Gis. Their company has offices in Burlingame. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Hivemapper has raised $2.5M of funding; their latest round was closed on November 2015.

You can view their website at http://hivemapper.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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