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Plug-in Growth Marketing Talent, Process, & Tech

Plug-in Growth Marketing Talent, Process, & Tech

TL;DR: Bench.co for Growth Marketing Hitshop is tech company that pairs startups with a dedicated growth marketer, in-house marketing tech, and proven lean marketing process to help them find traction and scale in new marketing channels. We're a new solution for finding reliable marketing help. An alternative to hiring a freelancer or a typical agency that offers significantly less hassle, cost, and risk while providing better and faster results. We do this in a number of ways: 1) Our offering. We offer both done-for-you services, concierge services, and on-demand services. 2) Our process. We've built lean marketing processes for driving traction and finding learnings faster. 3) Our tools. We build in-house technology focused on scaling results and improving efficiency. 4) Our price. The above allow us to offer our services at a fraction of the cost of typical agencies. 5) Our customer experience. Clear and frequent communication, transparency, and product delight.

CTO / Full Stack Software Engineer

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Robert Carpenter

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Founder at @Hitshop: Done-For-You Growth Marketing. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Ex @Front @Evergage Microsoft.