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Software Engineer

$90k – $130k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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We are looking for someone with 2 - 5 years of experience working with Ruby on Rails to launch products that people find easy and delightful to use. We believe that good software should be fun to use and you should, therefore, enjoy building it. We are a team of engineers who all have a bit of imposter syndrome, but that's okay. If you've launched products, talked to your users, and heard their feedback, you might be a great fit.

About the Role:

We work on anything from launching small features scoping the work to 1 to 2-week cycles to more substantial features taking 6-weeks to daily bug/feedback releases. You will usually work with 1 or 2 designers and 2 to 3 engineers. Our pace is fast, but we want to maintain quality and delightfulness, so we are calm and try to be precise on what we choose to take on. We value honest talk about what can and cannot be achieved.

You will be helping support our customers directly, whether that is the occasional chat/phone/email or face to face meeting. We believe that engineers need to interact with their users to build the best products.

About you:

Everyone at Sawyer is what the Rails creators call managers of one (signalvnoise.com/posts/1430-hire-managers-of-one). We are curious, excited to learn, kind, and full-stack humans. We thrive on trusting each other and knowing that support is how great teams exceed expectations. Engineering at Sawyer is not about building a cult of ideas based on the cool new thing, but we do want people who share our values on customers centric software design. We care about clean, easy to read, performant code that you would be looking forward to refactoring a year from now.

Being a Rails engineer, you should be familiar with the in's and outs of the framework, Ruby, and full-stack web development (HTML, JS, CSS/SASS, SQL). It's a bonus if you've worked with other languages as well, mostly because we think engineering is more than just knowing a language. Our team has experience building products in C++, PHP, Java, Python, and Perl as well as building mobile apps for iOS and Android in Objective C, Swift, and Java.

• At least two years of professional work experience as a Software Engineer
• 2-5+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails
• 2+ years of experience with JavaScript (Vanilla JS, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, Material UI)
• Finds it delightful to work with designers and dive into HTML/CSS to transform their vision into reality
• Knowledgeable and comfortable with a wide variety of technologies
• Strong passion and drive for excellence and success

• Competitive salary
• Company stock options
• Medical, vision, and dental health plans
• Unlimited Vacation
• 401(k) plan, Commuter Benefit, HSA, and other benefits
• 15" Macbook Pro + 4K Monitor Setup
• Office perks: Unlimited seltzer, coffee, tea, candy, pretzels, snacks, and the occasional office sheet cake

How to Apply:

Send an email to engineering@hisawyer.com telling a bit about yourself, some favorite things you've built (or others built), GitHub links, resume, and anything else you think would help us see what it would be like to work with you.

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