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Our overall mission is to get more people outside and, more specifically, to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring AND protecting our lands. Spending time outdoors has proven health benefits and fosters a deeper connection to the awesome, wild world out there. And we’re firm believers that people will only protect what they connect to and care about.

Getting more people outside really starts with access; access to land, but also to information about that land. We don't think finding somewhere to camp should be such a time-consuming, convoluted and confusing process, which is why we started Hipcamp. We are committed to making getting outside fun, easy, and as simple as selecting what, when and where you want your camping experience to be. Need a campsite by the beach next weekend where you can bring your dog? We got you!

Leave it better.
From protecting the planet to perfecting our codebase, our work is grounded by the core belief that we can always improve—as individuals, as a team, as a community, and as a species. Humans can and should have a positive impact on their environment—so we live and breathe this every day.

Diversity is strength.
The more diverse an ecosystem is—from the the employees in an office to the plants and animals on a farm—the better equipped it is to survive and thrive, especially during times of change. In prioritizing and protecting diversity, we’re actively working to build a more equitable, innovative, and resilient world.

Practice self-care.
Self-care is the foundation of success. We intentionally promote our wellbeing so we can always show up as our best selves. This approach helps us cultivate a mutually supportive community and create genuinely impactful and humane work.

Hold each other up.
The world's tallest trees—the redwoods—intertwine their roots to support each other's growth.

Perks and benefits


We believe health is essential to happiness. That's why teammates receive a monthly fitness stipend, an annual camping credit to get outside, as well as 50% off all Hipcamp listings (if you used up all of your annual credit). :)


Our sunny, plant-filled office is located at 965 Mission Street, close to the Powell BART station.

Pet Friendly

We hope you have a (well-behaved) dog to bring to our office.

Professional Development

We support and appreciate individual working styles and help each other’s productivity. Each Hipcamp team member completes a “how to work with me” document so we lay it all out from the get-go without having to guess.

Company Events

We take team camping trips together, have a stocked gear library and access to pro deals at various outdoor brands.


We believe that clearly defined goals combined with awesome people, true empowerment, and nearly total autonomy create the best results.


We're committed to striving toward and evolving our shared values in ourselves and in other team members.