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Pioneering the world's most patient-centered Digital Clinic



Founder @Hinge Health (Oxford, healthcare background)


Min-Jee Hwang

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Marketing Director • Studied at Carnegie Mellon University (BA) and New York University (MBA)

Elle Fu

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Lauren Dobias

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Kun Yu Tsai

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Andoird, iOS, server

Sebastian Henao

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Software Maker

Barbora Podzimkova

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Ginson Wong

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Fullstack Software Developer passionate in solving challenging problems with JavaScript and Python. Gritty, under the hood explorer.

Barbara Feuerstein

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Marketing Manager at Hinge Health

Mikel Jacinto

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Go-to-market expert for transformational healthcare solutions (e.g. senior care startup, payer, provider, pharma). @Josh Goldberg&J @HopkinsNeuroscience @WhartonMBA

Julian Diaz

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Angela Park

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VP Design @Hinge Health @Google @Addepar : healthcare, cars, solar, finance, advertising. We're hiring designers!

Diana Frantti

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Health Tech Project Management | longitudinal healthcare experience from patient-facing clinical care to the dynamic field of digital health.

Erin Wilson

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MBA grad from Dartmouth. BA from Stanford. Investment banking at Credit Suisse. Currently VP of Sales and Commercial Strategy at Hinge Health.
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Jason Peart

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Xavier Millot

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John Daley

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