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If you want to join a small, dedicated team of professionals who excel at solving the problems thrown at them, whatever it takes, who take care of one another while striving with pace, and who have the heart and the mind to disrupt an industry, reach out.
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Director of Marketing / Customer Experience

Posted 11 months ago
  • Developing and managing all marketing for the company
  • Hire, train, and operationalize sales force
Other Engineering

Engineering Skunk Works

Posted 2 months ago

We're looking for passionate, talented engineers who are motivated to completely rethink footwear using 3-D printing and rapid manufacturing.

If you have experience with product development and engineering as well as footwear (either design, development, or bio-mechanics) than please apply!

Other Engineering

Manufacturing and QA Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

• Establishment of the processes for manufacturing production
• Ensuring auditing and manufacturing documentation is kept up to date.
• Driving continuous improvement of core processes to ensure manufacturing quality is maintained while efficiency is optimized
• Establish a QA team on quality pr...