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Currently there are about 5 million researchers worldwide and competition is so intense that each one carves out a niche in which to shine. Cross-niche let alone cross-disciplinary communication is poor. Our knowledge is splintered. High Rose House uses a new AI Technology and a new Research technology to create the online Symposium service. It serves the worldwide research industry worth £413 ($500) billion in UK and US alone. It supports a Symposium that will create new knowledge and a Meta-Symposium that syntheses what is already known on a topic. It organises knowledge around broad topics. Each Symposium concerns one such topic and facilitates trusted communication among experts in all relevant niches. By seeking sponsorship for each Symposium in advance, we will ensure the venture is cash positive. We aim eventually to attract at least £8 ($10) billion, in sponsorship per annum and disrupt the academic publishing industry worth £11.5 ($14) billion 1) The 350-year-old academic journal system is very unpopular. An academic journal’s rank depends on its average citation rate per article over the previous couple of years. A high-ranking journal receives many submissions but to keep this rank, they have a high submission rejection rate. The editors’ decisions are opaque. So, trying to get an article published is a time-consuming distraction and a lottery. In addition, much valuable knowledge is lost. 2) The response of emerging web companies, arXiv, Plos One, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, Mendeley, is to publish all submissions. As a result publishing is no longer an achievement; it cannot enhance a researcher’s career. 3) In both cases, knowledge remains splintered. Our Symposia remedy this. We also guarantee publication. In addition, we elicit each participant’s best work. Also we collect all citations and publish objective peer-reviews and ratings – these enhance careers and help readers to apportion their attention.
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Systems Architect

The System Architect will take the logical specification of the Symposium Service including back-office and management sub-systems, provided by the Business Analyst, as the basis of the overall design and maintenance of the system for the company.
They will configure, operate an...