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A Kickstarter for Civic Action

A Kickstarter for Civic Action

Reconnecting Labs Inc., a Los Angeles-based tech startup, is the creator of "HiGeorge"​, which is a Kickstarter for Civic Action. It started with a simple idea — that average people, if organized, could have as much if not more influence on civic issues as monied interests and super PACs. And that if constituents could see how much impact they were having, they’d want to engage even more.

HiGeorge mobilizes constituents on key civic issues and legislation. It amplifies the constituent voice to drive their impact beyond their district. Leveraging the Kickstarter for Civic Action model, it uses crowdfunding to mobilize constituents in swing districts to apply pressure on their representatives on key legislation to change the public narrative. Our mission is to strengthen the voice of the average citizen and to eliminate the powerlessness that many feel today.

Our founding team includes Anuj Saigal (former Head of Sales Strategy @Nauto), Amir Zohrenejad (former Engineering at MSFT).

Jon Tien

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Founder Reconnecting Labs, @Cloudfish • Worked at @Microsoft

Anuj Saigal

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Co-Founder & CEO @reconnecting-labs-inc • Previously @JPMorgan Chase @NAUTO @EVgo • Studied @UCBerkeley @Kellogg School of Management