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Building smart bot architecture using Artificial Intelligence

Building smart bot architecture using Artificial Intelligence

A small or medium scale company don’t have the luxury of time, skills, and resources to build a reliable interactive AI to automate customer support, or aid sales and marketing, or enable synchronization within a team. Doing any of above significantly increases productivity and decreases the costs of running a company. With our technology, one can solve any problem which can be solved using AI. There is no architecture to build smart bots that actually understand the context, extract information, and generate the an effective response. That is when we step in and make things efficient, and cheaper to run.

Analogy: Consider cutting edge AI assist systems as skyscrapers. We want to provide the tools so a company can build a skyscraper. We are focusing on Named Entity Recognition, and Knowledge Graph Building; which are crucial tools (to understand the context); say the lift in our analogy. Our goal is to provide all scalable building blocks to build smart interactive AI system.

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