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Senior Android Software Engineer

$130k – $160k • No equity
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We are looking for an experienced Software Development Engineer to build our Android application. You are looking for a small, smart and fast-moving company where everyone makes a difference every day.

As an Android Software Development Engineer you should be passionate about building intuitive, visually engaging Android experiences for a diverse user base. You should have experience writing production-quality Java code and be able to point to examples of apps that you have worked on. If there is a new technology out there that could make our product better, you are eager to learn it and figure out how to apply it.

Essential Job Duties
* Recognize and adopt best practices in software engineering: design, testing, version control, documentation, build, deployment, and operations.
* Write high quality, maintainable, and robust Java code.
* Solve problems at their root, stepping back to understand the broader context.
* Develop pragmatic solutions.
* Build flexible systems without over-engineering and choose simple, straightforward solutions over more complex ones.
* Understand a broad range of data structures and algorithms and know how, when and when not to use them.
* Recognize and use design patterns to solve business problems.