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Unlocking clinical data via fax machines

Unlocking clinical data via fax machines

Healthcare communication is broken. The fax machine is STILL a common method of transmitting important patient data, such as the results of an X-ray. These faxes typically have two destinations: 1) they end on a stack of other papers for follow-up or 2) they are scanned back into an electronic medical record as an image for storage.

In either case, there is no way to EFFICIENTLY track and act upon all that data. In the second case, images of text aren't searchable electronically so it's almost as bad as the first case. Ultimately, poor manual management of this data results in negative patient outcomes.

We make it outrageously simple to extract important information from these faxes and any other unstructured data source (images of text), tabulate it, and act upon it on a mobile device. Automatically. In real time. On the cloud. This has huge implications. It's like combining Google Search with HubSpot.

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