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Connecting womxn and queer people

Connecting womxn and queer people

HER is the largest social app for LGBTQ+ womxn and queer people to meet. Our community is changing. Since launching HER 3 years ago, there have been huge changes in our community. The way we identify, the way we express. Our visibility has grown significantly, our voices are louder, and we’re continually claiming more and more space for our community.

Queer bookshops are gone, lesbian bars are closing at increasing rates, and women’s centers are disappearing.
We are losing the most important spaces we had to come together as a community, to fearlessly explore our identities.

HER connects queer womxn and people together. Find your love story, travel buddy, new party scene and more on HER .

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Founder of @HER, the app helping lesbian & bisexual women meet each other. Technology Editor @ELLE Magazine & previously at branding, @Calling Brands.
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