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My company is a great startup with the motivation to change the fashion trends in Nigeria and West Africa entirely. We are a company that believes in designing the best colorful and trendy wears to meet the social and economic status of our customers. At the same time, we want to encourage the purchase of F.M.C.Gs like corporate and casual wears, to be manufactured with our colorful and trendy African fabrics, especially those from West African countries like the "Kente & Woodin fabrics" from Ghana; and the "Ankara & Adire fabrics" from Nigeria. We are fully committed to producing fabrics with only the best quality. This means our dresses would be beautiful, strong and durable - but most importantly, fully 'African'. The long term effect I am trying to achieve with this, is to help curtail the tendency and likelihood of Nigerians purchasing foreign clothes at the expense of our declining currency and economy. I want to change the status quo in the Fashion Industry in Africa to an African-reliant one where we produce and consume locally. Our vision as a company is to "add brighter colors to families and corporations in Nigeria and across West Africa, while enabling them get it at pocket-friendly prices." This is because we believe brighter colors leaves families brighter and happier in the long run.
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Senior Mobile UI Designer