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Russian Branch of International IT Service Provider

Russian Branch of International IT Service Provider

Hemmersbach empowers IT industry leaders to offer Device as a Service (DaaS) everywhere. DaaS is an agreement in which procurement, deployment, device management, services, and lifecycle management are all handled by one supplier. It is our calling to enable this DaaS revolution globally for the leaders in the IT industry.

DaaS is an elastic model that allows to focus on your business rather than managing end user related infrastructure. With this agility you can quickly scale down or boost up resources as you need them, tailored to your specifications, save cost, deploy globally with one standard and innovate faster.

We believe that we can suceed only with unique business model, consisted of project management method, and special software made by the company itself. More than 20 years we were developing our own web-app, and now renovation is started. Besides new technilogies we are looking for orange blooded heroes!

Svetlana Timofeeva

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Experienced HR Recruiter & Manager Now develop myself in Tech Recruiting and HR Brand Management

Fullstack Developer PHP+JS

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