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TUSHY (hellotushy.com) is revolutionizing, modernizing, and improving the American bathroom

TUSHY (hellotushy.com) is revolutionizing, modernizing, and improving the American bathroom

TUSHY's first hit product was the $69 TUSHY bidet, which attaches to any toilet and cleans your butt much better than toilet paper. It's time Americans caught up to other parts of the world, where bathroom hygiene is decades ahead. We've launched a lot of other gorgeous products since then. Wired and Goop put the TUSHY bidet on their holiday gift lists for 2018. Bustle calls it “the best favor you can do for your bottom” (and medical experts agree), Metro says it “could change the way we poo forever”, Forbes calls it "the Apple product of bidets" and AV Club says "There's no going back." Our customers call it their “favorite purchase ever.” TUSHY's modern bidet clips on to any standard toilet and immediately upgrades your bathroom experience, your butt hygiene, and your life. Why a bidet? 1. Our butts are the only body part we clean with paper -- a habit that leaves us sitting on bacteria that contribute to the 26MM combined cases of hemorrhoids, UTIs and yeast infections in the US each year. 2. Our hygiene practices destroy the environment. It takes 37 gallons of water to make one TP roll, and we chop down 15 million trees per year for those rolls. With TUSHY, you use just one pint of water per use, saving 55.5 gallons of water each week. 3. Right now, bidets are not culturally relevant, nor are they friendly to the design-appreciating new world that we live in. TUSHY has rebranded the bidet category, using storytelling and a modern design aesthetic to own the cultural bidet conversation.

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