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Mymo increases health system revenue and enables patients to see their doctors sooner.



Worked on a range of projects including hardware, genetic and linguistic research, healthcare, ML over the last 10 years; contributed to the Django Project.

Adam Bollard

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Worked at CoPromote. Went to University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago

Tyler Bender

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Founder @karmapartners Founder @EverGreen Assets

Steve Carbonara

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Richard Garnett

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Passionate and seasoned product leader. Strong intuition based on experience, yet evaluates ideas with data to support or prove them wrong.

Matthew Conetta

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Cofounded an e-commerce start up called Numberspay.com. Currently working for a healthcare technology company called MyMO.

Andrew Tuch

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Software Engineer at Genesis Research, Co-founder/CTO of Crypico and Marketbarker, University of Maryland Physics

Luke Fowlie

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Dartmouth CS, Full stack with most experience in server side java applications, Yahoo Software Dev

Dean Rexines

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I'm a software engineer with broad practical experience and interest in deep learning, algorithms, backend engineering, and cloud computing.

Isa Kellett

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Senior product leader. Formerly Nike, Uncorked Studios (clients: Google, Diageo), and MyMO. Check out my LinkedIn for more.

Robert Claus

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Peter Zweibel

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