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Mymo increases health system revenue and enables patients to see their doctors sooner.

Senior Backend Developer

$125k – $165k estimated
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Are you looking for an opportunity to be part of a company that impacts lives every single day in improving the access to medical care? At MyMO, we are obsessed with reducing friction in the healthcare system and empowering patients to get care sooner. In order to achieve our mission we need to integrate with large electronic healthcare systems, analyze large amounts of data and provide streamlined user experiences in our mission to improve the access to care.

As a backend engineer of the core team you will spend your time implementing features, architecting solutions, and improving the excellence of the team and company. You are expected to improve and support a culture of technical excellence across the entire team. This is a hands-on role; you should be comfortable, and excited, to dive in and write code. Our systems today are built using Python, Django, Celery, Celery Beat, ELK (for logging and event processing), Docker, Swift and Kotlin. We use continuous delivery to maximize the efficiency of shipping features. We employ agile practices including dual track discovery and execution of initiatives and utilize many aspects of Scrum. We believe in continually learning and improving how we work to make the largest impact possible.


● Architect and implement low-latency, highly available and performing services
● Prioritization of architectural initiatives and tech debt
● Make improvements to existing backend services to make them more performant, reliable, secure, testable and maintainable
● Contribute to improving key engineering metrics for performance, availability, scalability, developer efficiency and quality
● Quickly distill fast-moving product requirements into tangible engineering tasks and designs

Must Have Experience:

● Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related major.
● 6+ years experience in software development.
● 6+ years experience working with object oriented languages
● A commitment to working as part of a collaborative team as well as the ability to clearly communicate your architectural ideas and process.
● Experience working in an Agile development environment.
● Strong verbal and written communications skills
● Performance profiling and tuning
● Experience with SQL databases

Nice to Have Experience:

● A understanding of web and native development
● An understanding of cloud architecture
● Experience working with HIPAA compliance and/or EHR systems
● Experience working with alternative Python frameworks such as Flask or Tornado
● Experience with pub-sub architectural pattern and microservices
● Experience with Business Intelligence systems and big data architecture
● Experience with Data Science
● Experience using job servers for asynchronous reactive architecture
● Experience using a wide variety of data stores including SQL, NoSQL, columnar, and key value stores.

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