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Kip is in-person therapy powered by data.

Kip is in-person therapy powered by data.

See a therapist as soon as tomorrow on Kip. We combine traditional in-person therapy with a private app so that you get the most out of every session.

1. Meet your therapist in-person and start working on your personalized care plan.
2. Share daily thoughts, feelings, and events with your therapist on Kip's private app.
3. Achieve measurable results with our science-backed, results-driven approach.

"When I think about the value I’m getting from Kip and the gains I’ve seen in my productivity, it's a no brainer."
- Andrew R, Startup founder and Kip member

Erin Frey

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Co-founder and Advisor at Kip Health. Yale '08. Formerly Community @ Lift and JFDI.Asia.

Ti Zhao

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Co-founder, Kip Health. Cornell '08. Formerly of Gladly, Genentech.

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