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Brigit is a mission-driven start-up that is disrupting the predatory $44 Billion payday loan and overdraft market. The company leverages its IP to analyze bank transaction data to empower and improve the lives of 100M underserved Americans. Our initial product gains insights from bank accounts and provides members with “intelligent” advances. Brigit’s product is truly unique as it provides users with the convenience of an overdraft while being 10x less expensive.

Since our private launch in June 2018, we have become one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in the world, despite not doing any PR. So far, Brigit has helped over 200K members save millions in predatory fees, while helping reduce financial stress. Our team has an extensive background in finance, tech & data, with previous experience at Palantir, Deutsche Bank, and Two Sigma. The company is backed by leading equity investors including DCM, Canaan Partners, and NYCA, as well as a host of celebrities and other individual investors.
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