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Decentralized credit scoring on blockchain

Senior Blockchain Engineer

$80k – $160k • No equity
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Built on Ethereum and IPFS, Bloom brings credit to the modern age. We’re developing an end-to-end protocol for identity verification, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain.

We are looking for a Senior Blockchain Engineer.

Job Description: Bloom is a blockchain project. The senior blockchain engineer will help oversee the development and deployment of the Bloom Mainnet app, be responsible for deliverables, and help expand the engineering team framework and talent.


- Design and iterate on Bloom from an architectural level. How do our
contracts, the data on IPFS, our web app, and our mobile apps all fit into one
cohesive concept?
- Develop and deploy the core contracts for Bloom.
- Be accountable to code deliverables across sprints.

You Should have:

- Experience working with Solidity and Truffle. Ideally you have you deployed
production code to the Ethereum blockchain in the past.
- A strong understanding of public key crypto (from a user’s perspective, not
an implementer’s perspective). You should feel comfortable with using crypto
in creative ways to solve problems.
- Comfort with other web technologies. Although the role is primarily focused
on smart contract development, you will also play an important roll in helping
the team integrate blockchain concepts throughout traditional parts of the app.

Read more about our hiring philosophies here: blog.hellobloom.io/were-hiring-our-philosophy-and-who-we-re-looking-for-60748…

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