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Transform any bike into a smart bike.



7 years experience managing a dozen factories - production of smart bicycle components, $9 computers, IoT devices, and pocket game computers.
Founded 1 of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Brilliant Companies. Creative Entrepreneur. / Past: @Helios @Classlerts @SoundSlug.

Board members and advisors

Visionary Punk, Founder of @HAX ; General Partner @SOSV. Some understanding of the hardware startup space (250+ investments). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.
Roaming Mentor @ SOSV since 2011. ex WalMartUK. Serial starter up. 20 years coaching great & small. Active at HAX, HAX Boost, FoodX, Chinaccelerator and more.
Co-Founder of MakerBot, Built Thingiverse.com, Tech Director at HAXLR8R, Crazy foreigner in China.

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Seena Zandipour

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