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Our aim is to build an iconic, global underwear brand – and to do it online. There are lots of people who’ve tried to crack building fashion brands online, but very, very few have succeeded. However, where we’re very different is that we use a mix of semiotics, creative development and data analytics to do it. So at our core, we’re a team of exceptional creatives, technologists and general managers trying to understand the core drivers of purchasing behaviour and then build a brand, products and analytical structures to respond to these highly human impulses. Our first product, luxury tights, was launched in late 2015 and has seen wall-to-wall press, wild customer reception and 40% monthly growth in 2016/2017. A year and a half later, we’re one of the fastest growing e-commerce brands in the UK and we’re starting to tackle global expansion and the launch of shapewear and underwear. The team includes the co-founder and CEO of Engensa (one of the biggest solar businesses in the UK sold to Hanergy / IKEA), the Co-Founder of Everlane, and the Head of Strategy for Expedia (amongst others). In addition, we have financial support from some of the strongest investors in technology & fashion.
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