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Building the world's leading consumer brand for brain health and mental wellness

Building the world's leading consumer brand for brain health and mental wellness

At Heights, we believe a healthier brain is the key to a happier life.

We're combining community, content and consumer products to build the world's leading brand in brain health and mental wellness.

Our launch product, the all natural smart supplement, combining the key natural nutrients your brain needs to thrive, is already how many of the smartest people around choose to start their day.

We send smart supplements and clever content through your letterbox and inbox, coaching you along your journey towards better brain health and ultimately - mental wellbeing.

Investors include the founders of some of Europe's top companies including the UK's largest health food retailer - Planet Organic, and founders of Shazam, WeTransfer, Mumsnet, Photobox & more.

Customers include Jay Shetty, Stephen Fry, Alain De Botton, and founders of Calm, Huel and many more.

Our content series 'Working In', has launched with live events every week from the world's leading minds in brain health and mental wellness including Dr Tara Swart, Dr Daniel Amen, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Mo Gawdat, and many more (yourheights.com/workingin)

We also send a 3 minute newsletter every Sunday about your brain from science papers, rewritten in plain English.

We are a remote team spread currently across UK, Turkey, Morocco with plans to hire the best person for every role, and not be limited by location to achieve our global ambitions.

We've raised £750k pre-seed capital, and are currently raising a £2m seed, half from UK half from USA with plans to raise Series A in USA.


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