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Mark Hanson

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Founder, Engineer, Scientist, & Product Designer | Co-Founder & CPO @Heartbeat Health | Venture Partner at @NextGen Venture Partners | Faculty at GWU | PhD engineer from UVA

Nayan Jain

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Presidential Innovation Fellow. #Healthcare Hacker, #GoogleGlass Explorer. Previously @audaxhealth.
building the future state of preventive cardiology


Bella Ratner

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Karen Kapoor

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Learner. Doer. Leader.

edo paz

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Mitsu Hadeishi

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Daniel Friedman

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Paul Julius

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Experienced Head of Operations with diversified experience in Corporate Strategy, Business Intelligence, Technology, Business Development and Finance.

Alex Chen

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Yale Biology and CS. I love design, code, and solutions that are simple and effective.

Board members and advisors

Founder & Angel Investor Advisor: @Uber @Expa Investor: @Uber @Coinbase @Forward @Color Genomics @useheartbeat @blue-bottle-coffee @dYdX @RADAR

Kanyi Maqubela

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Entrepreneur and Investor