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Heartbeat is a social marketing technology platform that connects brands directly with the consumers they are trying to reach. We create user-generated content and ambassador marketing campaigns with our community of over 200,000 real, everyday women. The Heartbeat ambassador network is made up of consumers, not bloggers or celebrities, and we connect them with the brands they love, activating them at scale and creating consumer-generated movements on social media. We reward real women for posting about brands they love or are excited to discover, and we're making social media marketing scalable and ROI-focused.
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Spring Intern - Marketing, Operations & Customer Support

Heartbeat is looking for a talented and motivated intern to join our team. Candidates would need to be able to work at least four (ideally five) days a week in our gorgeous new Venice Beach office. This is not a remote position. This person should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team...


Ambassador Customer Support Coordinator

What is Heartbeat? Heartbeat is a social marketing technology platform that connects the best brands in the world with our network of ambassadors - real, everyday people who are excited to post about the brands they love. We're a tech startup in Venice, CA, our mission is to empower the voices of...


Influencer/Social Media Campaign Strategist

Posted 2 months ago

Influencer/Social Media Campaign Strategist Do you absolutely love making things happen? Learning new things, and overall being engaged in multiple disciplines simultaneously? Do you have marketing, performance marketing, or advertising experience and are looking for your next challenge? Campaign...