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AI based digital solutions that enables healthcare professionals to tackle long term condi

Cloud Infrastructure / Systems Engineer to transform healthcare and improve health outcomes

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We are Healum - a well funded digital health company on a mission to improve and save 100 million lives across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to better personalised preventative healthcare and healthcare professionals should be empowered to deliver this experience to their patients. Digital solutions can make this a reality. We build digital products to enable patients to monitor and understand their health, and software that empowers health professionals to achieve better outcomes with their patients. Our single aim is to maximise people’s engagement with their health by delighting them with products that make them feel confident, supported and motivated.

We are looking for a Cloud Infrastructure / Systems Engineer based in London to help maintain Healum platform and products reliably in order to provide uninterrupted to our services. Are you excited about building petabyte-scale, business-critical systems? Do you find satisfaction in automating tasks that help you and others? Do you enjoy identifying performance bottlenecks in a complex data intensive environment? The most important characteristic is that you can wear many hats and you’ll love getting your hands dirty with capacity planning, scaling, security and testing. You’ll have a passion for playing a lead role in envisioning our cloud infrastructure and strategy. You will work closely with the founders to build high quality and scalable systems that are integrated with our products that establish Healum as a leader in providing useful and intelligent solutions for clinicians and their patients.

You have
- Background and expertise in Linux system administration (like Centos), site reliability engineering, capacity planning, network design, security, firewalls.
- Strong experience in scripting, automation, internal tooling and configuration management system (like Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc.)
- Good experience deploying, maintaining, managing and scaling datastores - both SQL based (like MariaDB, MySQL etc.), non-SQL based (like Elastic, Cassandra, Neo4j etc.), KV caches (like Redis, Memcached etc.), data processsing (like Spark, Storm etc.) and messaging systems like (RabbitMQ, Kafka, NATS etc.)
- Practical understanding of development and deployment pipelines using CI/CD tools in an agile development environment (like Jenkins, Bamboo etc.)
- Experience working with virtualisation systems (like Docker, Vagrant etc.) VMs and hypervisors (like vsphere, xenserver etc.), distributed systems and microservices on cloud platforms (like AWS, GCE etc.)
- Experience working with orchestration tools (like Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm etc.) and container registeries (GCE, Docker hub etc.)
- Experience using and setting up platform monitoring solutions (like nagios, munin etc.), application monitoring solutions (like New Relic, AppDynamics etc. ) and reporting solutions (like graphite, kibana etc.) to support and monitor business-critical production platform and applications.
- Design an on-call rota for supporting 24/7 production operations and assign appropriate roles and responsibilities with appropirate escalation strategies.
- Crazy attention to detail - sleepless nights because a socket on one of the network interfaces was ingesting more data than expected.
- Experience in at least two languages such as Python,Bash,Perl or the likes.

You also have
- Ruthless capabilities of documenting every single detail about infrastructure,configuration, best practices, security policies etc.
- Familiarity with firewalls, vpn setups, tunnels, network protocols, penetration testing, MFA would be advantageous.
- Familiarity with agile development practices (a/b testing,unit testing,continuous deployment,continuous integration,scrums) and worked in a production environment.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills to communicate technical concepts to a wide variety of audience.
- Ability to be emphathetic and form strong working relations with your team members, customers and partners.

As one of our first team members, a typical day might include some of the following:
- Work with the founders to improve reliability and capacity of Healum’s products and platform on a daily basis in a cost-effective manner
- Work with the software development team to enable seamless deployments of products and services into production, staging and testing environments
- Work with our customers to identify and uncover simple mechanisms to integrate with their services; delivering innovative product propositions as a result.
- Work with the delivery team to support our customers and users across multiple products; as part of our agile product & technology roadmap.
- Inspire us with latest cloud infrastructure trends especially in digital health, cloud infrastructure, security and create some of your own.
- Work with the business team to cost out future infrastructure needs and squeezing every ounce of efficiency from existing systems.

To land this EPIC gig, you need...
Quality experience in large scale infrastructre management, a degree in physics, statistics or computer science. Background and expertise in Linux system administration, site reliability engineering, capacity planning, network design, security, firewalls and huge scale thinking!

Would you like to make a lasting impact in people’s lives and change them for better? Then get in touch.
Absolutely NO recruitment agencies or outsourcing companies as we work with our PSL only.

Healum at a glance

AI based digital solutions that enables healthcare professionals to tackle long term condi

Healum focuses on Personal Health, Mobile Health, and Behavioural Science. Their company has offices in London and Greater London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.healum.com or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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