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Digital solutions to tackle chronic disease

Data Scientist to transform healthcare and improve health outcomes

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We are Healum - a well funded digital health company on a mission to improve and save 100 million lives across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to better personalised preventative healthcare and healthcare professionals should be empowered to deliver this experience to their patients. Digital solutions can make this a reality. We build digital products to enable patients to monitor and understand their health, and software that empowers health professionals to achieve better outcomes with their patients. Our single aim is to maximise people’s engagement with their health by delighting them with products that make them feel confident, supported and motivated.

We are looking for a Data Scientist based in London to help establish Healum as an industry leader in providing insight driven solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients. Deriving insights from data plays a crucial role in helping our healthcare professional and their patients to improve their dialogue, to make informed decisions about care options and to provide remote support. Are you excited about applying principles of deep learning and predictive analytics and combine them with insights from psychology and behavioural science to inspire and motivate users about their health? Do you understand the value of health informatics in shaping the future of healthcare? The most important characteristic is that you can wear many hats and you’ll love getting your hands dirty with data analysis,evaluation,curation,modelling and testing. You’ll have a passion for playing a lead role in envisioning our data science research and strategy. You will work closely with the founders to build high quality predictive and analytical systems that are integrated with our products that establish Healum as a leader in providing useful and intelligent solutions for clinicians.

You have
Data driven decision making principles to deliver delightful and empowering products for healthcare professionals and patients
Vision - and lots of it. You can see what healthcare could look like in 50 years time and what we could contribute to that.
Ambition to successfully disrupt healthcare by creating algorithms that are famous for solving challenging health problems for users, drive patient engagement and improve health outcomes for health professionals
Passion to enhance business decision making process through prescriptive and predictive analytics to derive insights from business and product data.
Hands on experience with data architecture and large scale datasets (extraction,manipulation,preparation,cleaning,transformations,analysis, modeling and visualization).
Crazy attention to detail - sleepless nights because a datapoint in your model is skewing your results.
Experience in at least two languages such as Python,R,Golang,Java,Scala or the likes.

You also have
Experience in multiple machine learning techniques and bayesian statistical methods,bayesian networks,optimization techniques,AI models,NLP,graph models,topics modelling,recommender systems,textual analysis and contextual analysis
Experience working with multitude of algorithms such as k-means,SVM, classification,regression,Naive Bayes,Decision Trees & Random Forests etc.
Familiarity with neural networks,deep learning concepts,fuzzy logic,genetic algorithms and various NLP techniques would come in handy.
Familiarity with agile development practices (a/b testing,unit testing,continuous deployment,continuous integration,scrums) and worked in a production environment.
Familiarity with working pattern recognition, anomaly detection, fraud detection and textual analysis would be advantageous.

As one of our first team members, a typical day might include some of the following:
Work with the founders to evolve Healum’s proposition by working across the whole data pipeline and doing deep dives in all aspects of our business, customer and patient cohort data sets.
Work with the design team to enable creation of simple intuitive data visualisations for our customers and patients.
Work with our customers to identify and uncover areas where data can help; delivering innovative data propositions as a result.
Work with the development team on implementing your algorithms at scale to support our customers and users across multiple products; as part of our agile product & technology roadmap
Create new experiments to extract most value out of data using deep learning and nlp techniques, building and maintaing models
Inspire us with latest data research and trends especially in digital health, data science, machine learning, deep learning and create some of your own.
working with packages such as NumPy,SciPy,pandas,scikit-learn,Tableau,Spark MLLib,Tensorflow,spark MLLib,Caffe,Weka,Octave or something similar

To land this EPIC gig, you need...
Quality experience in data science, a degree applied mathematics, statistics, computer science - preferably a Masters or a PhD. Experience in querying datasets and writing optimised and performant queries, examples of models and algorithms that you've created that solve real-life problems, history of developing distributed data pipelines at scale and huge scale thinking!

Would you like to make a lasting impact in people’s lives and change them for better? Then get in touch,right away.

Absolutely NO recruitment agencies or outsourcing companies as we work with our PSL only.

Healum at a glance

Digital solutions to tackle chronic disease

Healum focuses on Personal Health, Mobile Health, and Behavioural Science. Their company has offices in London and Greater London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.healum.com

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