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Making health care information & services simple, available and accessible



Vikas Chauhan

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Decoding HealthCare @1mg Founder - FreshnDaily.com | early startup in e-grocery space MBA - Somaiya, Mumbai
Co-founder and CTO 1mg.com - India's largest mobile health platform. Past: CTO@healthkart.com, GM FarmVille @ Zynga, Next Gen Cloud Storage @ NetApp.


Worked at 1mg.com. Experience with Agile methodology, Appium, agile methodologies

shubham dhawan

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Gaurav Verma

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Full Stack Developer

Tarun Singh

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Worked in both B2C and B2B segments as product owner for last 3 years. Experience in Business Strategies, Agile methodologies, Healthcare, E-commerce

Kshitiz Anand

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I'm a Design Leader, Entrepreneur and Educator. I consult with organisations to design and deliver solutions of high impact.

uneza maqbool

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HR & Community professional who thinks from zero and builds from one!

Uneza Maqbool

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Building Team from the scrach, experience in recruitment and operations

Kriti Kumari

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A marketing enthusiast, exploring new horizons/platforms of marketing and indulging into ideas that can form a trend.

shukrant tyagi

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Qualified for ACM ICPC Regionals. Well versed in Data Structures, Algorithms, C, C++, Java and Python.

Salahuddin Ansari

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Full Stack Developer (Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, GraphQL, Node.Js)

Akshay Rao

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Engineering and Technology Leader

Disha Mona

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A Startup Specialist & Business Oriented HR Professional with experience of growing early stage startups to bigger organizations.

Heena Jain

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Ritika Malik

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Former team

Abhishek Sharma

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Prabhanshu Attri

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Swapnil Jain

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Steve Ebenezer Paul

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Sachin Mittal

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Aayush Sahgal

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