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Jobs at 1mg.com

At 1MG, we are on a mission to simplify the pharmacy / medical industry by
- making structured medicine information available which has been burried under legacy systems till now
- taking pharmacies to the next level by enabling online prescription fulfillment
- helping you find the best possible medical care in your location

Our efforts have been bearing fruit - 1MG is the #1 Android and iOS app in the medical category on Play store and App store respectively. We are seeing strong user engagment on the app and the feedback is overwhelming and positive. We think we've hit a nerve and are gearing up for the next phase of growth and challenges. Being a small team of engineers and designers, we are going to use technology as a foundation to attack some real world problems in the healthcare space. Our technology will evolve mobile first and we're looking for engineers who are passionate about mobile apps and development.

Following are the key personality traits we are looking for in an engineer who will join our team -
- Detail oriented. Someone who can not feel comfortable with a mediocre product
- Pride and ownership. You must take pride in what you develop and treat the code as such
- Agile. We're a startup, direction changes are part of our business. We embrace change and choose our development processes / frameworks / goals accordingly
- Voracious learning ability. Tackling challenging problems requires being up to date with tools, frameworks, patterns and being able to choose the right one for the job. To learn quickly and implement something new, you must have a large appetite for learning.