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Healtheoz is a Patient Engagement Platform which offers engagement and guidance to a Patient. Healtheoz connects doctors and patients directly through its products HMom & HDoc and facilitates pre and post visit communications and dissemination of the care instructions. The benefits for users of this platform are to get the right and verified doctors, online consultations and prescriptions, storage of health records, maintenance & sharing, appointment management, patient educations and reminders for medications adherence among a host of other attractive features. With capabilities to remotely monitor through connected devices and analysis of recorded symptoms it is the right tool to generate alarms for abnormalities and anticipation of emergency situations. The mission of Healtheoz is to obtain improved health outcomes of patients by including advanced IT services and electronic devices in their medical program, ensure healthy engagement with known doctors, provide data to the health providers for the best possible care environment.
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UI/UX Designer


• Strong knowledge of Adobe Tool package.
• Strong knowledge of Bootstrap.


Sales Manager

Job Summary

Your role is to sell the concept and services of Healtheoz. You need to develop sales strategies and attract new clients.