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On-demand doctor house calls

On-demand doctor house calls

Heal is a fast-growing health-tech start-up that has an award-winning on-demand house call doctor application. Three taps on a mobile phone delivers a vetted, licensed doctor to your door in under an hour for only $99. Heal’s highly qualified pediatricians and family practice doctors, enabled by state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, deliver a transformative in-home experience that makes Heal a primary choice for primary care. Heal is uniquely positioned to own the entire in-home health experience for millions of everyday American families.

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Medical Billing

DevOps Engineer

Internal Medicine Physician

Marketing Coordinator

Product Marketing Manager

Product Manager, Clinical

Product Manager, Medical Billing

Tech entrepreneur and investor. Founder, Market Loft Ventures, Former EVP of King Sports Worldwide. BS, International Relations, USC.

Renee Dua

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Board Certified MD in private Nephrology practice. Previously Chief of Medicine at two So. Cal hospitals. Published researcher.
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