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Raisini is an award winning full-service, diversified lifestyle agency, and home to five divisions:

Entertainment & Events Services,
Nightlife Consultancy,
Record Label Services,
Design Services,
Marketing Services.

Raisini offers unique services to brands and individuals under one roof, that leave lasting memories of their brand identity with their customers. A set of services that are interconnected and an integral part of success for every brand or individual.

From Entertainment & Event to Music Publishing, Design, Brand Consultancy, Marketing or Photography, we do it all under one roof at RAISINI.

We are proud to be one of the unique entertainment & nightlife specialists globally, entertaining individuals and businesses around the world.

Since its inception in 1999, Raisini is led by founder and industry veteran Leonidas Raisi, a visionary entrepreneur, music producer & philanthropist, the entertainment entity has consistently built its profile, joining the ranks of the elite

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Nathalia Santarelli

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Managing Director at Raisini CMO at HAVN

Leonidas Raisi

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Launched & developed 4 start-up companies in Music, Sports, Events and Marketing and currently working on my new startup, a Tech firm.

Leonidas Raisini

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