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Haulio is a fast-growing startup in the Container Haulage industry. Backed by the world’s leading Ports and Terminals Group, PSA, Haulio is solving a global Container Haulage infrastructural problem through new thinking and new technologies.

Launched in Singapore in May 2017, Haulio is already Singapore’s Largest Haulier Network, connecting over 200 Haulage companies together into one single platform. Haulio intelligently matches customers’ hauling requirements with resources available from haulage companies (“hauliers”) and their prime movers. With advanced algorithms and IoT technology, Haulio coordinates job specifications based on location, prime movers’ capacity and availability. Hauliers can leverage this technology to share workload and resources, as well as gain access to jobs previously unavailable to them.

Haulio also works closely with PSA to ensure containers move through the port faster and smoother. Through its platform, Haulio increases efficiency, productivity and cost savings, benefiting all stakeholders, including hauliers, drivers, forwarders, cargo owners and port operators.

​​Haulio systems are powered by the Cloud, IoT and Predictive Analytics combined with Advanced Routing and Scheduling Algorithms to redefine and smoothen the container haulage processes, ensuring that containers are collected and delivered like clockwork to match the demands and expectations of Industry 4.0.

The Haulio team is a strong congregation of both business, technology and academia. Led by the co-founders, Alvin and Sebastian, the team gels together the best of business experience and technological expertise, allowing Haulio to move quickly and effectively within the industry. We are always on the lookout strong individuals who are keen in contributing for the greater good, unboxing and pushing boundaries to make the world a better place. Together, we learn, we grow, we share, and we make a difference.
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Product Designer

We are looking out for someone with experience in Creative and UIUX Design, with the ability to think out of the box and tackle problems. This is a fast-paced position that requires a high degree of energy and ability to focus without compromising quality.


Content Marketer

We are looking for an energetic and creative Content Marketer with strong writing skills to support our in-house marketing team. He/She will work with a passionate team in a unique intersection of tech and logistics, and receive hands-on experience in Marketing, Corporate Communications & Media.


Community Executive

As a member of Haulio’s Community & Service Team, you will help with daily coordination of the container movement and updating with clients, optimization of the workflow of the current business processes.

We are looking out for someone with experiences in Operations Management, with t...


Business Development / Key Account Executive

As a member of Haulio's Business Development Team, you will be tasked with developing new strategic partnerships and ensuring that existing partnerships achieve stellar results for our partners and us. This is a key role and you will be working directly with Haulio's business head.


Market Development Manager (ASEAN)

As a member of Haulio's Global Markets Development Unit, you will be tasked with research, development and implementation of Haulio’s growth strategy beyond Singapore. The team is tasked with the responsibility to deploy Haulio’s solution in the ASEAN Region, and will have to work closely wi...

Software Engineer

ReactJS Developer

As a developer, you play an important role in the product success of Haulio. While our Haulio transaction volume increases day by day, the Haulio product needs to expand further, reaching into multiple disciplines – such as web front-end development, backend architecture, containerization, IoT ne...

Software Engineer

Backend Developer


Software development based on high-level requirements: estimating, developing, documentation, code review, performance optimization;
Maintain cloud infrastructure;
Write high-quality, clean, maintainable code using engineering best practices (unit testing, oop, design patterns...

Software Engineer

Machine Learning Software Engineer


Create, research and utilise machine learning to aid the businesses automation and predictive goals;
Act as a ML subject matter expert within the Product Team;
Write high-quality, clean, maintainable code;
Be an engaged team member involved in every part of the software life c...


Business Analyst Intern

Passionate about high-growth startups and have strong analytical skills? Are you a strategic thinker and team player?