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We’re accepting applications from talented current and recent students who are interested in using the HASH platform to build models of complex systems (across any domain or problem space) this summer.

We’ll provide a maximum of three successful applicants with...
* early access to the full HASH platform including unreleased future paid features
* one-on-one training and support from our NY office this summer, plus access to the whole HASH team
* (optional) desk space to work from in downtown Manhattan
* we’ll do our best to support you in any way we can with your project (but as a fast-paced startup do ask for open-mindedness on your part!)

* You own the IP of your research, but we ask you to commit to publishing (for free) the work you produce as part of the fellowship.
* We are committed to supporting members of our community who wish to use HASH’s product, but by applying you understand this is not a paid internship program or job of any kind.
* You're in control of your research. HASH will not dictate the focus of your research or pace of work this summer. That said...
* The work of candidates who perform well will be prominently highlighted and featured in the HASH Index upon publication.
* Fellowship start and end dates are flexible, and may be continued thru term-time by mutual agreement of the student, their host educational institution, and HASH.

What we'll be looking for
* This is an unpaid opportunity. As a result we aren’t going to be prescriptive about what you work on, and we’re looking for students with their own ideas and challenges to model. We’ll be looking for a genuine interest and passion in answering hard questions thrown up by complex or chaotic systems.
* Evidence of an ability to work independently. This is not an ‘internship’. You will not receive direction from HASH regarding what to build.
* High academic performers. Evidence of existing published research is a plus, but not required.
* Strong writing abilities. We are looking for researchers who can “speak human” and succinctly synthesize and explain the results of complex quantitative models.
* Basic programming abilities (Python and/or JavaScript). You’ll probably be a maths, engineering, or computer science student (but this isn’t necessary).

To apply submit your CV, along with a 1000-word or less proposal regarding what type(s) of complex systems you’d like to model this summer, and why they’re important.

Prospective applicants should apply no later than February 28th 2020.

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