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Rethinking Healthcare

Rethinking Healthcare

Whenever a surgery or treatment is on the horizon, many patients start feeling anxious and uneasy well in advance. Even thinking of it already is enough to invoke nervousness and unease.

HappyMed helps patients to relax before, during, and after treatments, and thus helps them stay anxiety-free. Patients receive virtual-reality video glasses, through which they can watch videos or discover virtual worlds. This helps them relax, get distracted, and perceive the treatment or wake-up time to be much shorter.

There is a wide range of licensed media content immediately available, relaxation videos, documentaries, feature films, concerts and interactive games. With a push of a button, the device is ready to use and intuitive. The infrastructure of the doctor does not need to be extended for use. HappyMed works completely autonomously and is mobile.

Florian Fischer

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digital native, engineer, freelance web developer, co-founder of HappyMed, BSc (Media Technology & Design), MA (MultiMediaArt, in progress)

Philipp Albrecht

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Sold his first business in 2013 with 9 employees at the age of 24. Is now working on HappyMed to make medical treatments suck less. More on LinkedIn.

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