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Raisa Nabila

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Working at the intersection of marketing and talent. Currently handling recruitment marketing at HappyFresh

Ivan Afandi

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Artanto Ishaam

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An agile enthusiast who has almost 3 years experience in agile product/project management, team coaching, and community development.

Bilal Mahmood

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More than 4 years work as Sr. Mobile QA Tester, work at Gameloft Indonesia, Samsung RnD Indonesia, etobee and Happyfresh

Rheza Satria

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Yolanda Suciati

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International Tech Recruiter

Lara Von Petersdorff C

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E-commerce/Start Up related experience - department of Marketing/BI/Operations

Ivan Afandi

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Ankit Priyadarshi

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Working at HappyFresh as Business Development and Finance intern. Completing MSc Finance - ESADE Business School - Feb, 2015. Predictive Analytics experience.

Khairul Fahmi

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Board members and advisors

Tim Marbach

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Entrepreneur & Founder of Asia Venture Group, kaufDA, bonial, Angel Investor

Former team

Lise Le Petit

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Jahanzaib Saeed

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Mirza Adipradhana

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Gregory Sukanto

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Nina Ann Walters

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Laura Narbutaite

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