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In October 2016, Happiest Baby launched SNOO Smart Sleeper, the world’ s smartest – and safest –baby bed. SNOO was created to help solve the #1 new parent stress: exhaustion. SNOO reduces this exhaustion by quickly soothing infant crying and boosting sleep with the same rhythmic sensations babies enjoy in the womb. SNOO offers the first major innovation in infant beds...in over 1000 years. SNOO’s smart technology responds to crying by choosing the level of increased shushing and rocking most likely to calm the baby’s upset, just like an experienced parent. In addition, SNOO’s patent pending swaddle makes SNOO the only bed ever made that keeps babies safely on the back, all night long. That makes SNOO the only bed that complies with the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep recommendations.

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Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP

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Founder & CEO, Happiest Baby, Inc. Asst. Professor, Pediatrics, USC School of Medicine. Author of the parenting classic, The Happiest Baby on the Block.