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ReadContract is a productivity application that can help you Navigate, Filter, and Translate the content of your legal documents. Thanks to ReadContract, you can now organize, identify meaningful and problematic phrases and sections, and more easily comprehend any legal document in any language, and translate them to your own language. You will be able go straight to what really matters the most to you while increasing your productivity and reducing the risk of error. Available on any type of device, this easy-to-use app will break down your document and organize it to allow you to easily navigate the document thanks to the Directory-Like / Tree View, the content separated passages, and the lookup popovers for definitions and inline references. ReadContract will also allow you to identify the information that matters to you with a few clicks thanks to the colored marker at the right of the passages and the text filter by money, geographical locations, etc.

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Patrizio Gelosi

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Full Stack Engineer (Pisa Univ. BD). Founder of HandyContract and Dispage; Developed CRM applications, mobile 3D, Document Processing .