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Changing the way people receive and provide home services



Umang Dua

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Co-founder, Handy
Co-founder / CEO of Handy


VP, People @Handy

Jessica Haber

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Co-Founder @99dresses. Lived in a few countries and speaks a few languages. Passionate about developing solid software in an efficient manner.

Kulesh Shanmugasundaram

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Short bio here.

Ryan Johnston

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Catherine Alvarez

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Ops Manager at Handy with experience in operations, automation, on-demand services, and volunteering. Loves beauty, camping, her cat, and snapping dogs in NYC.

Kyle Gesuelli

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Currently Director of Marketplace @Handy Formerly CEO of @Homespree and AVP of Corp Dev @Merrill Lynch Studied Finance & Economics @THE College of New Jersey

Colin Davis

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Product focused mobile specialist

Alex Buckley

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BD at Handy before launching a spinoff direct marketing company servicing consumer brands with large millennial audiences in major metros

Emilie Myth

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Worked at two leading Startups in Operations and Logistics. Great at Excel and streamlining processes

Sean Pietz

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Board members and advisors

Bob Davis

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VC @HighlandCapital. Was founder/CEO of @Lycos, the most popular site in the world in internet 1.0 days. @Bob Davis

Former team

Amanda Davenport

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Andrew Glassett

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Ricardo J. Rodriguez

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Jake Eubank

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Kelley Baine

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Andrew Benin

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