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Keeping the future of transportation moving

Keeping the future of transportation moving

There is a major shift happening from car ownership to car sharing. The companies driving this shift are Turo, Getaround, ReachNow, Gig Car Share and other car-sharing platforms.

These fast-growing fleets are managed in small groups. 80% of fleets are between 15 - 100 cars.

Halo is a fleet management dashboard that allows fleet operators to visualize their fleet in real time, and automate ordering of on-demand services such as cleaning, refueling, repair, and other conveniences.

With Halo, fleet operators focus on growing their customer base and expanding their business. Fleet owners do not have to install any hardware to start using Halo.

Tyler Phillipi

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Driving Revenue for Connected Cars | Smart Cities | Helping Micro Fleet Owners | Techstars 18' | CEO of @Halo Automotive (Techstars '18)
CTO at Halo. 30+ years in Software Engineering. I love what I do... building teams, apps, startups. Focus on architecture, mobile, simplicity and security.

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