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Global community of technical data professionals

Global community of technical data professionals

We're building a new media company that creates global communities of technical professionals in the most innovative new areas. Our first market is data - data engineering, data science and data analytics. The focus of our strategy is to build and monetize the best off-line events for engineers via our meetups, conferences and CTO dinner series, and to help engineers create connections in real life. We then produce content from our events to distribute online in the form of blog posts, videos and training content to grow our network worldwide. Our Youtube channel has more than 10 million watched minutes of data content acquired via the Hakka Labs network. In addition to events, recruiting, consulting and training businesses can all be built on the foundation of our core community platform. It's time to build a new kind of media company that embraces the fundamental changes in content creation, distribution and monetization options provided by vastly superior internet economics.

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Engineer, 3x founder, @500 Startups mentor & NYU alum. Advisor & investor in data-oriented startups including @placer-io @Halo Tech @StackShare