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Collaborative Poetry & Media

Collaborative Poetry & Media

HaikuJAM is a beautiful mobile app through which 3 people connect and create poetic expressions together (rated nearly 5 stars on iOS & Android). With words and photos users can 'jam' with friends or strangers anywhere in the world. We care deeply about democratising creativity and connecting humans to make beautiful things happen. Our vision is centered around collaborative creativity, aka the “JAM”.

Since officially launching in March 2015, we've been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, CNET, The Week and YourStory. HaikuJAM was also selected amongst the "50 BEST CREATIVE APPS" globally by The Guardian. Moving forward, we aim to further contextualise the creative experience through campaigns and also introduce new mediums into the platform (e.g. sound and video)

The jam below was created by users in New York, London and Kuala Lumpur:

At last, an app that
Transcends Selfies and Hashtags
And binds souls like glue

"Haiku Jamazing"
By Clarissa, Dhru & Beatrice
Co-Founder & CEO at @HaikuJAM