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Deep data provider for agriculture

Deep data provider for agriculture

HAGTEC is a deep learning company, founded by experienced people in the computer science, agronomy and agribusiness. Our team is working on 2 products: 1. Dr Agro Android/iOS app for an instant pesticide/biological offering. Beside that, it allow farmers to organize and track all spraying activities at the farm level. Dr Agro use complex, patented algorithms, machine learning and computer vision in order to satisfy all needs of modern farmers. This app behave like Amazon + Wrike for a pesticide/biological industry. 2. AcreFX software for a complex agronomy modelling with a capability to do cross analyses of different field layers. It consist of advanced and patented algorithms for predictive analytics and deep data. It allow farmers and enterprises to collect, visualize and analyse all data from machines, IoT sensors and weather stations.

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Branimir Popov

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Experienced entrepreneur with 10+ years in agrobusiness. He poses strong analytical capabilities with proven business development skills.


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