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In-store Shopping Sale Notification App

In-store Shopping Sale Notification App

Hafta Have is a shopping app that bridges the gap between in-store shopping and online buying. User can add items to their list of 'have-to-haves' by scanning tags in store or shopping the online catalog on their mobile device. Let’s be real – it's fun to actually go shopping. Now, the reason we’re all here: we notify you as soon as your items go on SALE. So, tag the things you love & buy all your ‘Hafta Haves’ when the time is right…on sale. Buy directly from the store on their website, or from your phone. We’ll notify you by message and email as soon as one of your ‘Hafta Haves’ is on sale. You’ll never miss out again. Why shop from a curated list that you didn’t make? Don’t just buy any pair of dark denim jeans, get the exact pair you tried on 2 weeks ago and knew you needed. Shop & search at the stores you love, and we’ll help you keep your eye on everything. Available on iOS & Android; we have implemented 17 stores with a waitlist of 20 more.

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Product & Dev. 7+ yrs. in building mobile + web solutions for e-commerce & high-load products. Built team/content management for: iFree, Magento, Fahlo / Bkstg.
10 yrs. experience in marketing Fortune 500 brands (McDonald's, Wrigley) Shifted to tech in 2013, strong MKTing. Helped in $100MM @Bkstg/Consulting @Whipclip.