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Cyber Security Social Platform

Cyber Security Social Platform

Hacktaps is a cybersecurity platform that offers you a free software by which you can instantly be aware of data breaches without any cost or without any effort than just installing it.

Free detection software with cloud, mobile and local abilities, enables customers to be fully aware of the problem right at the moment it is happening. Using our cybersecurity platform, customers can reach to professionals for their security needs.

Individuals and all SME's are targeted customers while enterprise level companies can also adapt Hacktaps to their Firewall and SIEM systems with it's API abilities.

In addition corporates and governments are served in project by an advanced honeypot software.
Founder @Mevertech, @ISR Information Security Research , Tina. Worked @Netsafe as Operations Coordinator & Executive Board Member. Worked at Rhea PE, Finansbank
- Security researcher - Software developer - Engineer Co-Founder of ISR (Goes on) Co-Founder of TINA Security (Goes on) For more info check LinkedIn profile.

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