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Laura Nelson

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Managing Partner, HACK Fund Co-founder, Hackers/Founders Inventor / Adviser, H/F Co-op Board, Global Entrepreneur in Residence Coalition


Connor McGill

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Experienced Project Manager - Startup Wizard
Experience with Sales Operations, Accounting, Communications, Design. Went to San Jose State University

Torrance Carroll

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dacia schulz

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Hackers/Founders Administrative Assistant

Warren Liang

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3rd year studying Computer Science at San Jose State University. Currently working at Hackers/Founders.

Myles Chatman

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Oregon State University EECS. Favorite language to program in is Javascript. Built an iOS app with React Native.

Erik Katz

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Business & Technology Strategist, IT industry expert, professionally trained with real-world experence in sales & marketing. Passionate player in Maker Movement

Christopher Betts

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Full-Stack Web Developer (Django + Bootstrap & custom HTML5/CSS/JavaScript + more)

Peteris Krumins

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Future rich person

Alex Dantas

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Founder Sensimob

Rodrigo Ramírez Organista

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CFO Hackers & Founders LATAM + Managing Partner GAIN Guadalajara Angel Investor Network

Tim Bartus

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Worked at H/F Hardware Fund, Hackers / Founders Mexico

Alexa Clark

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Mak Gutierrez

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Passionate for the Latam Startup Ecosystem Former UX Professor at ITESO, serial entrepreneur since 2000, now leading H/F Mexico

Farica Carroll

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Board members and advisors

ex. Facebook, Microsoft and Salesforce Dev. Marketing/Relations team, strength in community building (SVNewTech), Advisor/Consultant to developer tools startups
Founder at Construct Tech. Steep learning curve at VC funded @StreetSpark. Graduate of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.
CEO & Co-founder @TaloBrush, Operations Manager @YourMechanic,
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Former team

Farica Carroll

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Sudarshana Banerjee

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Maitetxu Larraechea

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Jack Siegel

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Steve Betts

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Ashley Hahn

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