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Kyle Campbell

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Founder, CEO @CTO.ai - Previously Founder / CTO @Retsly, Acq by @Zillow



Mark Niehe

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Full stack developer with 10 years development experience, 4 years experience designing and developing microservice architectures orchestrated by Kubernetes

Tram Vinh

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Current: Director of People & Talent @CTO.ai & @Hack Capital Previous: Head of Technical Recruiting: @InVision Site Lead: @Zillow & @Retsly (CA, BC, ATL)

JP Lew

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Full-stack software engineer for 10+ years. Next.js, React, Angular, Reason on the front. Node.js, Golang, PHP, Postgres, Elasticsearch, AWS, Docker on the back

Carmen Chow

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Scientist turned web developer excited about backend logic and intuitive user interfaces. Currently loving Feathers.js, Vue.js, Ruby, and Python!

Matt Wilcox

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Lee Ling Yang

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Product Manager. Previously, Director of Customer Success @Hack Capital. Worked at @Vision Critical. 3+ yrs in Customer Success. Product Owner. MSc in Biology.

Matthew Hounslow

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Software developer, recent graduate of both Lighthouse and the UBC Comp Sci program where I focused on relational databases, graphics, and algorithmic design.

Thales Pinheiro

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CTO @Hack Capital Previously: - Lead Developer/Architect @ Zillow Canada - Best Buy, EA, IBM - Founder, CTO @ OLT - IT Advisor (Govt of Brazil)

Steve Gao

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Problem solver & executor. Detail-oriented, driven, passionate, chill • Worked at @wiivv, @Axiom Zen, @Indochino, @Blastradius • MSc at UBC, BSc at Dalhousie

Jeff Johnson

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Experienced at growing revenue and scaling operations in high growth environments.

Mark Bahnman

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I'm a developer who is passionate about adaptable and maintainable software and who has shipped with a diverse history of programming languages and technologies

Brendan Kelly

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UBC Computer Engineer, Back-end Developer, Worked on @Currents

Brett Campbell

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Corey Sanford

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Focused on sustainable software and high performing teams, through elegant solutions, responsible practices, and mentorship.
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Fayez Saadi

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Jessica Dieuique

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Julien Escueta

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Grace Lau

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Xinyi Wang

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