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At Hack Capital, we’re a quickly growing and thriving startup working on addressing a massive problem affecting companies in the $400B software industry -- there are nearly four times more engineering jobs than engineers.

“Our mission is to build the world’s most trusted platform for software companies to hire, train, retain and motivate people to do their best work.”

With CTO.ai, we’ve dramatically improved the efficiency of engineering resources at scale. As the result, teams can spend more time shipping features that clients love and less time trying to wrangle data to make decisions.
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Product Marketing Manager

CTO.ai is growing faster than ever and we’re looking for an accomplished Senior Marketing Manager to join our rapidly growing team.

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

CTO.ai is growing faster than ever and we’re facing interesting challenges to solve during this exciting time.

Software Engineer

Engineering Manager

CTO.ai, part of Hack Capital Ventures is looking for a motivated Engineering Manager who excels at creating a supportive environment and enabling their team to do great things.

Software Engineer

Developer Evangelist

CTO.ai enables development teams to easily adopt automation into their workflows to streamline processes and increase repeatability.